Sense Perception as a WOK

Optical Illusion:


This is a cool optical illusion because it makes you think about the figures that are being seen. It is confusing to the mind but also is super cool!


My DIY optical illusion. I tried to make it look like the sun was coming out of my hand!! #ifailed PC: @leinaala

Visual Agnosia: 

Without order in our lives we are hopeless and lost in our own reality. It is hard for people to live a life without categories and without organization. It is almost impossible for us to walk into a room without knowing or specifying what object is what. I find it impossible in my daily life to have the lack of clarity in my vision and knowledge. If I do not understand something I make an effort to try and figure it out so that I am not lost. To have a visual handicap and not recognize common objects around me would kill me. It is interesting for me to think about a day where I could not recognize things that would usually trigger straight into my brain.

Tracking Taste: [GENKI SUSHI]

  • Vegetable Spring Rolls; very crunchy. extremely hot. crispy on the outside mushy on the inside, vegetables are fully cooked.
  • String Bean Tempura; very crunchy. rice is cooked with a little chew, the mayo and brown sauce is heavenly, string bean is the hottest part of the sushi.
  • Water; too cold for me. shocks my two front teeth.
  • Hot Dog Roll; the egg and hot dog neutralize the flavor burst. the egg is not as tasteless whereas the hotdog holds all the flavor. the furikake on the outside of the roll is very crunchy – adds texture.
  • My lip; a lil bit bloody from biting down on it so hard. 😥

Theories of Reality:

My mind is most compatible to the Common Sense Realism thought of mind. It might be the way I was raised or the way my life has been happening thus far but if something is not there, it is not there at all. There is no in between it is only black and white when it comes to identifying whether or not an object is there or not. Also, when identifying what object is what it can hold experience and memories. By allowing yourself to pick apart each aspect of your life, you are tearing apart your memories.


“Dont confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are and how you treat me.” It’s unbelievable how much one little negative thing can affect me for the whole day. For example, in the morning, if I wake up to a happy song on my iPhone then I most likely will have a happy and cheerful rest of the day whereas if I to wake up to a song that I do not like or a sad slow song, I would probably have a boring not as eventful day. Music is not the only thing that can change my mood but how people treat me. If you yell at me first thing in the morning to get up instead of nicely saying “wake up” then I won’t have as good of a day. Yelling at me won’t make anything better and I will then start to see thing in a negative way. Everything that you say or do will negatively affect me and how I see things. When I get to school and someone says something casually, I may take it the wrong way and snap back at them without realizing that what they were trying to say was innocent.  Mood has colossal effects on the entirety of someones day.

Sixth Sense: 

I believe that having a technological based sixth sense would be awesome but only in moderation and at the right time. Although this technology would allow you to move through life faster accomplishing things you would not be able to without it, it takes away from the personal experience of learning. I think it’ll be harder to experience things for ourselves but it will allow us to share our ideas to others faster. The use of this technology could take our ability to comprehend things for ourselves and become too reliant on technology. Furthermore, if the human ability to comprehend is taken from us, the information, no matter how fast it is given to us, is irrelevant for we will not be able to process the information anyway.

Gestalt Image:


This logo has similarity because all the shapes appear as a single unit. Even though there are contrasting colors in the design the shapes looks similar, smooth and round, forming the cookie shape [If you didn’t know].

5 Senses Graph and Explanation


A graph plotting the level of intensity with the 5 senses while at Gymnastics Practice for an hour.


Taste [30%] : The only taste I actually get is the sweat coming down from my forehead. Occasionally, I will taste the chalk in the air from the different events.

Sight [90%] : Sight is intense because in order to master the skills we need to use our sight to see what needs to be achieved. The reason it’s at 90 is because when I thought of the practice, I do not watch myself perform but others instead and only sometimes are things “intense.” I see these tricks over and over again each day but it becomes intense if it has been achieved, it is new and is just being taught, or if someone falls and injures themselves which is not as often in our gym than in others.

Sound [80%] : The coaches are constantly yelling at the gymnasts while doing routines reminding them of the small things such as tucking heads in, pointing toes or “tapping” in order to get over the bar. The sound is normally not too intense because the reminders are coming from near the performer, although, the sound is loud which makes me think that it is intense.

Smell [70%] : Athletes are naturally smelly after and during work out. The smell of the gym is not very nice easy. It is a mixture of sweat and chalk. The intensity of the smell of the gym is high though the smell of the gymnast is not as high only because we wear deodorant. Also, it is not normal for you to be so close to another gymnast so it is not easy to smell the person next to you.

Touch [100%] : Gymnastics is all about touch. In the gym, every part of your body touches somewhere. No matter where you are, vault, bars, beam or floor you will feel different textures on your feet or your hand or wherever; it is at 100 percent because of that.