This I Believe

During the process of making my This I Believe project there were many bumps in the road. Not only did I have to figure out core values that I live by I had to think of ways that I could symbolize them. My core values and beliefs are engraved into my mind and my way of life which made it hard for me to pinpoint the exact wording of each of my beliefs. I have many beliefs many dealing with my point of view on religion and human rights and as much as I wanted to share them, I am very bias and try to persuade people to believe and worship the same God that I do which is not the point of the video but instead to give an overview. It was also hard for me to put together the video to make it look good. I did not want it to look amateur but not too professional, I used all material of mine and the song choice was also hard because there are so many songs that could describe me but this song just fit the video right which was a hard choice.


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