This I Believe Essay Analysis

The essayist, a non-religous man, believes that Jesus Christ was a man who helps wherever and whenever he can, does not judge a human by superficial means, has confidence in himself and those around him, and is willing to sacrifice everything for people he doesn’t even know. This is an important concept that he grasped whilst reading the stories of Jesus and his sacrifices. Throughout his essay, he explains one day in New York City that changed his life forever. 

New York City is not the place of genuinely nice and caring people but instead those who look like their on edge, or either late to a meeting or just stuck up people in general but when the time came to produce his own miracle he took the chance and exploited it to the best of his abilities.  His main point I got from his This I Believe essay was that maybe if we tried to be a little bit more like Jesus, we would have a more peaceful and loving environment and people would get along better. While with his family when he was just a young boy he witnessed a man with a cold heart and a suit that covered his humanity walk past another man, with almost nothing, and call him useless. In horror, this young boy with much more dignity and humanity in his soul gave this man all the money he had (25 dollars) with the mindset of the dirty man as an equal not as an animal. This shows in all of Jesus’s stories as he is not always the strongest person in the scenario but he treats other better than he got treated or as an equal to him. This story is an amazing example of how Jesus’s characteristics of a loving and caring person is portrayed. 

I think the most interesting part of this whole story was that as just a young boy he realized that a suit doesn’t make you any more of a man, in fact sometimes it hides the characteristics that make you one; you become the person you promised you wouldn’t. This is shown in the 

“There was a man walking just in front of my family in a pinstriped suit with a leather briefcase and a walk that made you know he was someone – or that he thought he was. It seemed like he ruled the world.”

for such a young boy, his mind was mature and so was his heart. Still to this day do I move out of the way for those who have “higher status” or seem like they do. I still believe that someone with a briefcase is “important.” While all the stereotypes may be true, what I do know is that when I was this man’s age, I was greedy, selfish, and definitely not thinking about giving my only money to a complete stranger. Their belief was challenged only by that business man that was walking in front of him and his family and we can see through the other mans actions that it is obviously not the path of Jesus and definitely not the path to a better and more peaceful society. 

Read the full essay here:



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