Belief vs. Knowledge

1. Do you think we should respect the beliefs of a racist or sexist person? Provide reasons. If possible, find a recent article or video that could be used to question this (for example, the July 2011 massacre by Norwegian “racist” Anders Breivik).

I do not believe we should necessarily believe all those with a bias towards a certain subject or belief but we all need to have the dignity to respect them. Not only would it be rude for us to disregard somebodies opinion it would put us into a spot with a huge disadvantage seeing that without someone to counter our beliefs we wouldn’t have such strong feelings for them. [i dont know, does that make sense?] 

2. Find some examples of beliefs (modern or throughout History) that you think are both misguided and dangerous.

Believing that Good and Truth are the same. Not all good things are true. (Santa Claus?) Not all true things are good. (Murderous dictators?)  Truth and Goodness are not the same thing – hardly even related. Truth simply is. Goodness is produced with intelligent effort. Another belief that is continuously misguided is that our emotions are more dependable than our thoughts. There is no question that an emotionless life would not be as sweet – nor as painful. Still, emotions are not dependable in ferreting out truth from folly.Feeling and thinking have different important purposes. 


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