Burning House

Burning House

If my house were to burn here would be the items that I would bring with out a doubt. But my house is so messy that I’m not sure how many of them I could get out successfully.

1. Phone: My phone is constantly with me. Even if I’m not using it I know where it is at all times. On average it is 70% charged at the most. I think having my phone with me is a rational decision other than an emotional decision because slowly technology has consumed me and I have not lived a day since without it. Technology has raised me to know and understand the world I live in.

2. Computer:  Also dealing with technology, my computer holds all my memories. I have all my photos and all my music. It is a place for storage of all the things I need. It was also very expensive and I wouldn’t want my parents to have to buy another one. I think saving my computer is an emotional decision just because I cherish it. My laptop is like my secret diary. It holds all the information to my life.

3/4. Camera Lens/ Cannon T2i: Cameras can catch the emotions and the moments that you cannot always remember in a second. I would bring my camera because I have  a passion for photography. Also, it is the first camera I bought with my money. My camera is literally the only thing I can trust when I need to see the whole picture. I like my camera because I have full control of where I point it and what I do with it. Taking my camera with me is an emotional decision because it gives me power.

5/6: Bathing Suit: This is my favorite bathing suit. Taking it with me would be an emotional decision because there is no significant importance for keeping it. It cannot save my life and will not serve as anything but articles of clothing I can wear.

7: Photo Album: My friends and family are the most important people in my life. (Next to God) I take pictures of everything and try to capture every moment with them through a picture. I enjoy looking back at all my pictures and seeing the emotion and the spark that the moment captured. Most of my pictures are with my best friends, family, of nature or of food.

8: Brandy Melville Sweater: This is my favorite sweater in the whole wide world. It is very comfortable and keeps me warm. It is abnormally thin and light weight. It is from one of my favorite stores and just has a comfortable home feeling when I wear it. To keep this item would be an emotional decision because in theory, I could live without it but my emotional connection of being so tied up in it, makes my heart sad if I were to ever lose it or in this case not bring it if I had the choice.

9: Cheetah Purse: Ever since I was a little girl I have had an obsession with cheetah everything. It first started out with the Cheetah girls and then it evolved into cheetah clothes, stuffed animals, wall decorations, everything you can imagine! This purse is significant to me because I have always had a love for cheetah print and now that I am growing up, it feels as if I am carrying a part of my childhood with me wherever I go.

10: Promise Ring: Making promises are really big to me. Promises to my friends and my family are extremely important to me as well. My promise ring serves many purposes in my life but it is mainly to stay true and loyal to my friends, family, and God. I usually have my ring with me wherever I go, therefore it might not necessarily be a save because it would already be on me. It would be an emotional decision because to make such a promise and keep it depends on myself because I have the power at any moment to cheat on my faith or to disrespect my family.


These would be the ten items I would grab if I had enough time while my house was burning down. Although they all seem like such common household items, each has great significance to me and meaning behind it. I could live my life without each of these objects but if given the choice, I would save them from being harmed, stolen or damaged.



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